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We received a report from a grantee who has been offered a scholarship for women who keep on trying without giving up on October24, 2014. She will present her master paper at the graduate school and will be granted a master degree. From April, she will return to the hospital where she has asked for a leave of absence and work at as an inpatients’ ward nurse. At the same time, she will also contribute articles to international journals and prepare for academic conference presentations as a visiting researcher.
The inauguration ceremony of Sumo ring was held in grand style at Sumo Club of Osaka University to which Dr. Takasu has offered donation before. Many persons concerned attended to this ceremony including the professional Sumo RiKishi Ikioi.
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, medical humanitarian organization which provides aid to people in need around the world.
Katsuya Takasu has been offering supports to MSF through donations etc., and this time he paid a visit to MSF hospital in Amman, Jordan.

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