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Dr. Katsuya Takasu donated to the victims of the Osaka northern earthquake the full amount of royalty of the book 「Dai enjo (ikuhosha Publishing Inc)」 through Osaka prefecture on August 6th.
Dr. Takasu donated 5 million yen as funds for the activities of the Japanese Red Cross Society on July 11th, with disaster area support in western Japan torrential rain.
The doctor team of Nagoya Japan Red cross Hospital immediately headed for support of flood victims.
"Tibet • Festival 2018" will be held is sponsored from April 20th to May 6th, by the Liaison Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for Japan.
We donated 1 million yen to help Tibet Festival 2018, on March 5th.

Purpose of Takasu Fund

Takasu Fund intends to fuse and harmonize studies on human life and beauty.
Takasu Fund carries out the following good-will works to realize its purpose.


Medicine, Art, Sport and Other Fields

  • Spread studies and knowledge
  • Raise talented people and provide scholarship and student loan
  • Promote studies and subsidize research funds
  • Award prizes to researchers for remarkable achievements
  • Carry out enlightenment projects to promote international exchange as well as domestic and overseas training
  • Establish, operate and subsidize research institutes

Carry out assistance projects for developing countries and disaster-hit areas, and carry out investigation on assistance to such places


Carry out investigation and research on sound upbringing of children and young people as well as children’s welfare


Support “women, children and young people who keep on trying without giving up” in each field


Carry out elderly welfare projects as well as investigation and research on elderly welfare


Carry out community projects to improve local welfare as well as investigation and research on community welfare

Board of DirectorsBoard of Directors

Katsuya Takasu
Etsuko Takasu
Akiko Santo
Masahiro Goto
Noriaki Goto
Tomohiko Inagaki
Rieko Saibara
Miyuki Suzuki
Kazuyoshi Ishii
Takafumi Horie
Sachio Takenaka
Toshiya Hanji
Shunsuke Yamamoto
Yoshio Miyamichi
Hikaru Takasu
  • ダライ・ラマ法王日本代表部事務所(チベットハウス・ジャパン)
  • 国境なき医師団 医療スタッフ 非医療スタッフ募集